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Plymouth Art Festival 2021

Arts and Culture

The overall goal for quality of Arts and Culture is to unite, strengthen, and diversify the communities of Marshall County through the education, advocacy, and nurturing of arts and culture.

Chair of our Arts and Culture Committee: Matthew Celmer

Read our Arts and Culture Press Release HERE to learn about our newly formed created Marshall County Arts and Culture Council

Learn how we are implementing our goals:

Bremen Community and Performing Arts Center

Bremen Community and Performing Arts Center

Additional information coming soon.


The REES Grand Opening October 1-8. Learn details HERE.

The REES Logo

The REES recently hosted a Beam Signing as part of their Phase IV celebration. 


Wild Rose Moon 

Wild Rose Moon
Investment Into The Arts

Pictured: Crossroads Committee Chair Matthew Celmer, Crossroads Treasurer Mandy Campbell, Director of Wild Rose Moon George Schricker, and Wild Rose Moon Intern Katie Smith

Establishing Arts-Based Learning Centers throughout Marshall County 

- Driven by the Art of Video Production via Wild Rose Moon Performing Arts Center

This project establishes the framework for a network of centers devoted to producing media content (primarily video) that will both highlight and inspire the creation of arts throughout Marshall County. These centers (which may also include art galleries, performance spaces, and other arts related areas) will produce videos that celebrate and communicate the arts in all their forms and distribute these videos on the internet. The videos may include edited documentaries of artists and their work, virtual tours of local art museums and exhibits, recordings of performances, and/or photography-based historical investigations of past artists. 

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