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Marshall County Recycle Depot Restore and Renew
Help Marshall County look the part of having been designated Indiana Stellar Communities!
  • Grab trash bags from home

  • Head to the nearest litter pile

  • Bring bagged trash to Marshall County Recycle Depot during business hours or by appointment.

  • Cleaning with a group? Reserve the Community Clean-Up Trailer by calling 574-935-8618.

  • Let us help promote your cleanup efforts. 
    Tag us @Recycle Depot or @GreatHometowns. Email flyers to:

Litter is one of those things that you notice only when it's there. When it's not there, we take clean spaces for granted!

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Marshall County Recycle Depot

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Have you visited the recycle depot? Check out their website on what, how, and where to recycle.

Recycle Depot

Please note: the Marshall County Recycle Depot is a recycling depot not a waste facility. The trash collected at their site is temporary during this campaign and intended to be for litter found in public places. Please use the designated dumpster only. If possible, please bag up beverage containers such as water bottles, pop bottles, and aluminum cans separately.

Collect Trash

One of the scariest things about plastic litter is that it will never go away--it just gets increasingly smaller. The chemicals that make up plastic can enter soil and groundwater, then eventually be taken up by livestock or the plants we eat. We are all walking around with plastic and its related chemicals in our bodies. 

Stellar Community Cleanup yard signs

Yard Signs Displayed Throughout Marshall County

If you are interested in displaying a yard sign, please stop by Bowen Printing to pick one up. Signs should be returned to the Recycle Depot at the end of the challenge to be used in the future. 

Thank you Bowen Printing for the donation of our signs!


Bowen Printing

200 S Michigan St, Plymouth

Cleanup Together

There are several cleanup initiatives happening in Marshall County this month. Help us share and encourage those efforts. If your community or organization is hosting a cleanup, please send us the information so we can add it to our communication platforms. 

"Many hands make light work." ~John Heywood

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