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Welcome to our Take Charge against COVID action page. In a season where so many are feeling a loss of security, our mission is to provide resources to our community that gives you some control back. 

Marshall County Crossroads – Education and Skills Committee Update:

Marshall County participated in Manufacturing Day, a national event in which manufacturers welcome students into their facilities to show them more about the business and explore career opportunities.  

Marshall County’s Manufacturing Day saw a total of 852 students from six schools visiting 29 manufacturing facilities with 100+ adult mentors involved.

Student Taya Wagner participated on Manufacturing Day and stated “At ITAMCO we were shown one of the machines and how it works.  What you do to work the machine is something I am currently working on in my Algebra II class. So being able to see something I am working on now in action brings it full circle.”
Matt Davis, Co-Chair of the Education and Skills Committee stated “Manufacturing day is such a great event to expose our students of all the great careers that exist in our community! Growing up in Argos Indiana I never would have imagined Baldor pumps (installed in New Orleans to help prevent future disasters like Hurricane Katrina that pump an Olympic size pool of water away from the levy every 30 seconds), or large gears installed on Navy ships that retract the catch rope when planes land, were both machined and built in my hometown at ITAMCO!”   
“I liked how Pretzels, INC. was very sanitary and you had to use the foot sanitizers in every room you went to" stated student Trey Hall. "At Hoosier Tire it was great to see how they test the tires and the different rotations. I never knew how big Hoosier was until we went there.”

Pictures taken from Plymouth High School Facebook page.

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