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Overall Goal of the Housing Committee:  Diversify the housing stock in Marshall County to meet the needs of residence, workforce, and business.

Chair of our Housing Committee: Brent Martin

"Our committee recognizes that quality housing creation of a diverse nature, combined with the revitalization of our older housing stock, creates strong and successful neighborhoods and communities." ~Brent Martin

Learn how we are implementing our goals:

OOR Program Administered by  The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority ("IHCDA")

OOR program administered by IHCDA

This federally funded program administered in Indiana by IHCDA provides grants to selected applicants for the rehabilitation of homes owned by low-to-moderate income residents.  Eligible activities include repairs to an inoperable or faulty furnace, leaking roof or unsafe electrical wiring, plumbing, lead-based paint abatement, and mold remediation.  Target populations for this program include individuals with disabilities families with children under the age of 6, aging in place households, veterans, and single-parent families.   

The dollar amount for each home is limited to $25,000. We have worked with the homeowners to prioritize the improvements and we will do as many as the funding allows.

Photo of Bridget Weber of Priority Project Resources with homeowner Candance Farrer

For this home, the project includes: Insulation of the attic and a new attic window, construction of a HC ramp from the rear door to the concrete sidewalk, complete installation of dryer vent and electrical outlet, and removal of debris from the rear yard.

New Development in Plymouth and LaPaz

LaPaz Housing - Read more HERE.
Crossroads - LaPaz Commons - Ground Breaking Invitation
LaPaz Commons Groundbreaking
LaPaz Housing
Plymouth Housing - Read more HERE.
Crossroads - Plymouth - Ground Breaking Invitation
LaPaz Housing
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