Take Charge Against COVID

Welcome to our Take Charge against COVID action page. In a season where so many are feeling a loss of security, our mission is to provide resources to our community that gives you some control back. 

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood ~Dr. Stephen Covey

Our community is in need of immediate action. Approximately 20% of positive COVID cases in Marshall County need hospital care. Our local hospitals, medical supplies, doctors, and nurses are stretched thin. We are at the breaking point. It's time to care for our caregivers!

Marshall County Crossroads is All In!

November 19, 2020
Press Conference Coverage

What are you doing to boost your immune system for a fight?

Still looking for helpful healthy tips? Visit Be Well Indiana

How We Take Charge
Pause for a moment to listen to one of our stories. We hope you find encouragement to take charge.

Important updates from Marshall County Health Department

How can you care for a caregiver?

First and foremost - stay healthy! And do what you can to help keep our community healthy. 

Follow the guidelines - Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay home if you can and if you can't, stay six feet apart.

Know a healthcare provider or front line worker? Bring them a coffee, offer to make them a meal, or shovel their driveway (we all know it's coming so don't act surprised.) 

Want to do more? The Foundation of Saint Joseph Health System has ways to help HERE.

Mask Up ~ Wash Hands ~ Social Distance ~ REPEAT

“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” ~Christopher Robin

Time for a mental health check

How are you? No really. HOW ARE YOU? If your uncertainty or sadness is beyond normal, please seek help. Check out these helpful tips from the Bowen Center.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Check out these helpful tips to thrive this Thanksgiving.

"Virtual Thanksgiving perk I wish we had last year when my in-laws came to visit - the mute button!" ~Ann

Choose Your Outlook

Instead of looking at what's depressing, look at what's a blessing. ~Kristen Butler

I like that my nana in Florida can now watch my swim meets. ~Plymouth Freshman

The time I used to spend commuting to/from work I now spend with my spouse. ~Marshall County Resident

My humans are home all day. I love getting the extra treats and snuggles. ~the Dog

We loved cheering on the Argos Boys Soccer Team at state from our living room. We were able to enjoy the game and avoid the cold and windy elements outside. 
~Soccer Fan

Thanks to all our family time together, my husband and I decided to teach our sons how to play euchre. NOW THEY BEAT US!! ~Marshall County Mom

Support Our Seniors

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” ~ Maya Angelou

Click HERE to read an article on ideas on how to Ward Off Winter Blues. 

Here are a few creative ways to support a senior:

  1. Phone and/or video calls. Reduce the feelings of loneliness with a phone call. Even quick calls break up the feeling of isolation.

  2. Send letters. Remember the joy of receiving a card or a letter in the mail? Send a card, clippings from magazine articles, new recipes, or grandchildren art projects.

  3. Book and movie groups. Read a book or watch a movie. Then have a discussion. Revisit a classic. 

  4. Virtual events or classes. Help your loved one connect virtually to senior groups. Exercise groups are a great idea. Can't find one they enjoy? Create your own. Go for a walk while on the phone as your senior walks in place at home.

  5. Have supplies delivered. High risk seniors may be avoiding the stores and missing out on fresh fruits and vegetables. 

  6. Combine a few of the above. Have dinner supplies delivered to your senior and make the same dinner at home while on the phone together. This could be a fun multi-generational activity. 

  7. Reach out to Marshall County on Aging for ways to help.

Information is key. Here are a few resources we recommend:


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