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Stellar Updates - Summer & Fall 2021

Updates coming soon from Argos, Bourbon, Culver, and LaPaz

Marshall County Crossroads areas of focus: 

We have been busy celebrating groundbreakings, ribbon cuttings and more. Watch our live videos on our Facebook page.

Crossroads Celebrates Stellar
Crossroads Celebrates Stellar
Crossroads Stellar Team
Crossroads Celebrates Stellar

We are going to refer to this moment as "The Call!"

Crossroads Celebrates Stellar
Stellar Logo

Congratulations to our Great Hometown City of Plymouth on being the 2019 Indiana Chamber of Commerce Community of the Year!


Connect to Thrive - One Event at a Time

Studies have shown social connections are vital for a person's health and well-being. It is easy to find affordable, and often times free, social events taking place in Marshall County. Local events raise our community's quality of life in the areas of Arts & Culture, Entrepreneurship, and Health & Wellness.

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