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Thank you to Lt. Governor Crouch and state officials for this great opportunity and for Stellarbrating with us!

Lt. Governor Crouch appropriately quoted Helen Keller "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Did you miss the Stellarbration? No worries, you can still watch the presentation from our live feed. Click HERE.

A Stellar Perspective:

There are times during life’s journey that we reflect on the past. We evaluate where we have been and how we got here. Many times we can pinpoint the pivotal moments during that reflection that we can say, “That was it. That was the seed that exponentially launched my growth and changed the game.”

If you are a fan of a good sports team movie (what Hoosier isn’t?), those moments are cinema gold. You know the plot – a team fighting to stay in the game, they have a major positive shift that impacts them all individually and as a team, the community is energized and rallies like never before, and they go on to win the state championship.

The thing about a major positive shift is it isn’t any one thing. It’s a compilation of moments. It’s great hometowns taking intentional steps to break down silos and grow. It’s great hometowns working hard together yet still coming up short and missing a stellar opportunity --cue emotional-building background music because this plot is shifting -- it’s those same great hometowns coming together stronger, beyond determined, focused, and more united than before. It’s the team reaching goals never thought possible, elevating optimistic energy throughout the community and bringing home the championship. (I’m not crying I have something in my eyes!)

At yesterday’s Stellarbration, it was completely a movie-worthy climactic moment (sort of like the team bus coming home from state and being escorted through town.) The community was there to rally. The team was there to cheer. And that feeling of unified accomplishment was immeasurably present and felt by all. Marshall County Crossroads’ future self will look back to this moment, the Stellar shift, and declare, “that was it. That was the seed that exponentially launched our growth. That was the game changer.”

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